The golden Indian fibre

The magical golden fibre also known as jute, burlap, hessian cloth, gunny sack and pat, is a boon as it fully decomposes with ease.

jute bag

Here are a few interesting facts we should know about this totally Eco friendly fabric. Jute absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at a much higher rate than other plants and trees. Hence becoming so beneficial for all animals! It doesn't need any pesticides or fertilisers once cultivated and in fact enhances the soil fertility for the future crops. It is not only strong, breathable, cost-effective and versatile but also anti static and recyclable. You can never go wrong opting for jute with so many impressive qualities. 



Jute mostly poses as a rustic, worn out gunny sack, but we are here to completely change your perspective about jute, giving it a contemporary touch and an all new look. Our new launch, the jute planter wraps will leave you stress free buying for your baby plants. 



The wrap is double sided & reversible, one with patterned canvas and the other side being burlap, to fulfil all your moods and be a statement in every space. We stick to the UN environment goodwill ambassador, Dia Mirza's philosophy as she quotes, "We only have this decade to fix what we have done wrong". There is no step too big or small and you can do your bit by starting with our cute little Eco friendly planters.





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